If you are in the market for a portable clothesline for your home, look no further than Breezecatcher. Our high-quality portable clothesline for outdoor use is always a great purchase because it is engineered to last—unlike cheap alternatives that sag, break, or deteriorate after just a few uses (especially if you hang heavy items.) Our portable clothes line is handmade and constructed of durable materials that guarantee its longevity. Other brands make clotheslines using pressed steel brackets and low-quality plastic that do not have any lateral strength. A Breezecatcher clothesline for outdoor use comes with a robust bracing arms and solid aluminum center brackets, so it is rigid, easy to close and open, and effortless to move. 

Our range of portable folding outdoor clotheslines are  the strongest in their class. You can hang heavy fabrics and items on them and the cord will not sag. The central support mast and top frame are reliable, even when it is windy or the wash load is distributed unevenly. The cords on a portable Breezecatcher clothesline are wired using a loop back technique to prevent line sag. Despite the compact build and frame, Breezecatcher clotheslines can provide a lot of drying space. A good example of this is demonstrated by our TS3-125 umbrella clothesline, which provides 125 feet of laundry drying space for outdoor applications. When not in use, it can be folded and stored conveniently without taking up a lot of space in your home. 

We are proud to say that Breezecatcher outdoor clotheslines keep receiving good reviews and feedback from our customers. Be sure to read some of them to get an idea on how the portable umbrella clothesline performs on actual conditions. Be sure to buy a Breezecatcher clothesline direct from this website to enjoy savings. All parts are covered by a 10-year warranty.