Breezecatcher clothes line TS4-140

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Outdoor clothesline deluxe top spinner with 140 ft capacity (10' 8" drying frame) 

The Breezecatcher clothes line TS4-140 is the ultimate green drying machine. Hang an entire load of wash out to dry without electricity or fuel and do your part to save the environment, while lowering your utility bills. The Breezecatcher Clothes line deluxe top spinning  TS4-140 outdoor clothesline is an affordable investment that quickly pays for itself.

Model TS4-140


  • 4 arm 140 ft rotary clothes line
  • Bright anodised tubular aluminum arms and braces will not tarnish
  • Super strength all aluminum construction with gold colour cast aluminum brackets.
  • The lines will not sag
  • Will rotate easily in a light breeze even when fully loaded
  • Spring action self locking latch
  • pvc poly core green clothesline
  • supplied with free ground socket 38 mm od (1 1/2 inch od)
  • Will fold and can be stored away when not in use
  • Longest top line span 2.3 meters (7ft 4inch)
  • Rotating diameter 3.3 meters (10ft 8inch)
  • Center mast 34 mm (1 3/8 inch)
  • Product weight is 15 lb

Ten year warranty on all mechanical parts.

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Customer Reviews

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