Adjustable height clothesline 3D view

Adjustable height clothesline 3D view

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Clothesline HD4-270 in 3D and augmented reality.

Now users on mobile devices can see this clothesline in augmented reality. Click on the button below the 3D model to open an augmented reality viewer on your iPhone or iPad. Pick a position in the ground and watch the 3D model appear in full size in your space.

Remember the clothesline is height adjustable so if it looks high it can be adjusted down to suit the height of the user.


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This model was previously called the HD4-150, now with larger capacity and design changes to make this popular clothesline even better.

See our size guide, compare the line length on every dryer to the standard flat bed sheet, from twin to king size. 

Flat sheet size to clothes line size


clothesline measurement srawing

Umbrella Clothesline with adjustable height

  • Nylon braided poly core 4mm green clothesline cord.
  • 4 arm all aluminum construction
  • All lines at the same height.
  • Adjustable height telescopic center mast. 1 1/2" (38 mm) OD
  • Top spinner for easy loading and faster drying.
  • Can be closed and removed from the ground socket when not in use.
  • Strong bright anodized aluminum oval arms.
  • 230 ft (70 meters) plastic covered poly core clothesline.
  • Sturdy spring action easy use latch.
  • Solid aluminum center brackets and slides.
  • Diameter of rotation circle 11ft 4inch (3.4 meters)
  • Longest outside line 8ft (2.4 meters)
  • Supplied with a ground socket. 1 3/4" (42 mm) OD x 12" L.
  • Product weight is 19 lb
Ten year warranty on all mechanical parts.

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