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5 Surprising Uses for Dryer Sheets

Do you enjoy discovering unique uses for traditional household items? Did you know that dryer sheets can be used for numerous purposes in addition to keeping your clothes static-free? Check out the following five surprising ways you can make your dryer sheets do double duty:

  • Use a dryer sheet to remove stuck-on debris from your iron. Plug in your iron, set the temperature to a low heat, and then run your iron over a dryer sheet. Your iron's surface will be debris-free and you can still use the dryer sheet the next time you are doing laundry.
  • Use dryer sheets to pick up tiny specks of sawdust on your work table. The static-cling properties of the dryer sheet will pick up the tiny sawdust fibres and your work area will be left smelling fresh and clean.
  • Use a dryer sheet to remove soap scum from your glass shower door. The textured surface of the sheet removes debris while leaving your glass doors smelling fresh.
  • Stuff used dryer sheets into your smelly running shoes to get rid of foot odour. Your shoes will smell fresh and you won't be tossing out those fragrance-filled sheets after just one tumble in the dryer.
  • Dryer sheets are excellent for removing pet hair from leather furniture. Simply glide a used dryer sheet over your leather furniture and all Fido's loose pet hairs will be gone.

Finding additional ways to use typical household items is a terrific way to stretch your grocery budget. By using dryer sheets in multiple ways, you can have great-smelling and static-free clothes while extending the life of an item you might otherwise have tossed in the trash.