Sheet size compared to line size

Flat bed sheet size compared to the line length on the Breezecatcher clotheslines

The sizes below are to scale so you can compare the line length (green bar) on the Breezecatcher clotheslines and compare it to a standard flat sheet size (Grey area).




twin sheet and matress size


8x6 parallel clothesline

8 x 6 parallel clothesline all 34 lines are 96 inches

 full sheet and mattress size

clothesline length

The TS4-200 and TS4-140 clothesline longest top line is 86 inches (4 lines are 86")

TS4-36M clothesline

The TS4-36M clothesline the longest top line is 72 inches (4 lines are 72")

queen sheet and matress size


full sheet and matress size

king sheet and matress size


Standard flat sheet Top Seller Width
King Size flat sheet 108"
Queen size flat sheet 90"
Full flat sheet 81"
Twin flat sheet 66"
Clothesline Model Line length below
PLD-6x8-272 all lines are 96" 3
HD4-270 4 lines are 96" 4
TS4-140 top 4 lines are 86" 1 Top seller
TS4-200 top 4 lines are 86" 2