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Why buy a clothesline from us

You will get a better quality clothesline because we deliver value and durability.

The Breezecatcher had been nominated for a classic design awards, this clothesline design is the best it can get, a product that will live through the ages without the need for change. Simple, effective, practical, just an outstanding product, according to customer feedback and reviews available on our website.

In Ireland we leave the clotheslines out in all weather, in frost, in snow, in rain (a lot of rain), in high wind and in sunshine and it just works year after year after year. The Breezecatcher's are used without failure in areas with extreme weather, places like Alaska USA and the Shetland Islands UK. And it's not just about the quality of materials used, its the sheer pleasure of using a product that is fit for purpose.

At a time when other manufactures are resorting to using lighter materials and using plastic components Breezecatcher are going in the opposite direction. We are a belt and braces company, our clothesline is deliberately over-engineered because our concern is not the bottom line, it's the top line. We want to be the best.

Breezecatcher prefer to use only the best material. Solid aluminum and chunky components which are all totally weather proof. No flimsy plastic components which weaken from UV rays or become brittle in the cold. The Breezecatcher is strong and durable and corrosion resistant so if you look after it there is no reason why it won’t last forever. Of course, you can buy cheaper products, but in the long run they will cost you more. You will still have your Breezecatcher in ten years’ time and functioning as good as new year after year.

We are so confident with our quality we can offer a ten-year warranty. We set out to make the most durable outdoor clothesline on the market, and we could not have achieved that without input from our customers. The Breezecatcher has evolved over the years, constantly making improvements. Customer feedback has helped us to refine the design and perfect a superb clothesline. There are also other advantages of buying direct from the manufacture. The best value, no handling and no hidden charge.

The image below is an example of the difference between the quality of the Breezecatcher material and other suppliers. The gold color bracket is used on our parallel clotheslines and is solid aluminum 1/4 inch thick. Also in the photo is a light plastic bracket used by other suppliers.

clothesline brackets

Because we are selling direct we can spend more on the quality of the material used in the dryers. Stainless steel nuts and bolts, heavy gauge and anodized aluminum tube and solid aluminum brackets. These dryers will last forever and because accidents do happen we have designed the dryers to be easily repaired. Every component can be replaced easily.

All orders are confirmed by email

Besides offering a ten year warranty and UPS shipping in the contiguous 48 states, we have delivery confirmation on all packages sent. Once your order has been sent, you will receive an email with the tracking number so you know when to expect your delivery.

Satisfaction guaranteed

If you or your gift recipient are not satisfied with our quality, we offer a 30 day refund policy (minus shipping charges). No questions, no hassles. Just let us know that you are not happy and send it back! For more details on our refund policy

Pictures and information

Before you buy something you want to have a good look first, if you have an augmented reality (AR) mobile device you can view a full size model of the clotheslines in your space, we've also put up a load of images, virtual tour and 3D views you can rotate and view from any angle. We also have tons of information on measurement for the dryers and instruction videos on this site and on

Hopefully this will convince you of the quality we offer and assure you we have your best interest at heart and we are good and decent people to do business with.

Finally we don't spend a huge amount on advertising and marketing so that is not a cost factor in the products. We would appreciate a social media plug, a LIKE on Facebook or any social media share would be a big help to us to spread the word and help other householders to find the right clothesline product. Please check out our social media links below.