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Clothesline TS4-200 measurements

Clothesline TS4-200 measurements

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Clothesline TS4-200 measurements

Outdoor umbrella rotary clothesline

The ULTRA STRONG TS4-200 clothesline has been especially designed to cope with the strong winds of Montana and central north America. It features strong oval profile arms and braces which have an added external reinforcing bracket at the hinge points. The center mast is reinforced internally by a cross bracing tube which runs the full length of the mast. These enhancements are an addition to the already well proven strength of the central brackets.

Model TS4-200

  • Supplied fully assembled.
  • 4 arm 180 ft rotary clothesline
  • Bright anodized rectangular aluminum arms and braces will not tarnish
  • Super strength all aluminum construction with gold color solid aluminum brackets.
  • The lines will not sag
  • Will rotate easily in a light breeze even when fully loaded
  • Spring action self locking latch
  • Green nylon braided poly core clothesline
  • supplied with free ground socket 38 mm OD (1 1/2 inch )
  • Will fold and can be stored away when not in use
  • Longest top line span 7ft 4 inch
  • Rotating diameter 11 ft
  • Center mast 1 3/8 inch
  • Ten year warranty on all mechanical parts.


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