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TS4-140 measurements



Outdoor umbrella rotary clothesline

Rotary outdoor clothesline deluxe top spinner umbrella clothesline.

Model TS4-140

  • 4 arm 140 ft rotary clothesline
  • Bright anodised tubular aluminum arms and braces will not tarnish
  • Super strength all aluminum construction with gold colour cast aluminum brackets.
  • The lines will not sag
  • Will rotate easily in a light breeze even when fully loaded
  • Spring action self locking latch
  • pvc poly core green clothesline
  • supplied with free ground socket 38 mm od (1 1/2 inch od)
  • Will fold and can be stored away when not in use
  • Longest top line span 2.3 meters (7ft 4inch)
  • Rotating diameter 3.3 meters (10ft 8inch)
  • Center mast 34 mm (1 3/8 inch)
  • Product weight is 15 lb

Ten year warranty on all mechanical parts.