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How to view clothes line 3D models

Augmented reality allows you to see our dryers as if it was present in your space. You just need a smart phone or portable device that is AR ready. OK its still 2D because you need to view it on your flat display, but as you move around you will get a perspective view how the real item look in your space.

To get a proper 3D view you will need a 3D headset like the Oculus quest 2 We have uploaded 3D models of the dryers to Sketchfab so you can view real 3D.   

The first video here shows an iPad which is not AR ready so there is no option to view in AR, but you can view the 3D model on screen. The second video shows an AR ready phone, on this device you will see the "View in your space" option.


Hopefully this video will help you navigate your way around our website, we have some great 3D models available on most of the clothesline products and some useful information on re-threading and installing the clothesline.


You can also view in 3D on the Oculus or similar 3D headsets