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How to re thread an outdoor laundry drying rack

Breezecatcher parallel outdoor laundry drying rack

The fastest way to rewire a Breezecatcher parallel clothesline is to start near the center, count in eight rows and start from there. First measure out how much line you need to thread up eight rows. Use the top frame to measure the line required, stretch the line across one row and multiply that by eight and then add a few feet extra.

Tie a loose loop at that position on the line to mark the spot. Now start eight rows in and pull the line all the way through row eight right up to the point where you tied the loose loop in the line. Now pull the line through row seven pulling it all the way through, work your way through each row until you reach row one. Tie off a knot at the end to secure the line.

If need be remove any slack by working from row one back towards row eight.

outdoor lanudry drying rack
Now measure out the length of line required to string up the inside nine rows, start at row nine pulling the line tight through each row as you work towards the last inside row. Tie a knot in the end of the line to secure in place.
outdoor clothesline laundry drying rack

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