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3 arm clothes line rewire guide

Three arm clothes line rewire guide

The best place to start is in the middle of the clothes line. The middle point on a Breezecatcher three arm clothesline is about three rows down.

Start on the arm which has the two eyelets per row. Before you start measure out the length of line required to wire up the top half of the dryer. Use one side of the dryer to stretch the line across the point where the brace arm connects to the long arm 16 times.Mark the line at that spot by tying a loose knot.

Thread the line through the lower eyelet on row three and pull all the clothes line through two sections until you reach the knot. Then wire through the last section.

Start row two through the lower eyelet and complete in the same way as row three. Start the top row through the lower eyelet and pull the clothes line wire through two sections first before completing the last section.

If the coil of clothes line wire you have is longer than required you can use the point where the brace arm connects to the long arm (hinge) to measure out the length required. Measure across one section from hinge to hinge 16 times and cut off the excess clothes line.

Now start row four through the top eyelet and wire the remaining rows in the same way as you did for the top rows.

When the clothes line is rewired you can tension the line by starting from the top and pull the slack out of each row. Feed the slack clothes line down through each row until you reach the lowest point. Now mark that spot and close the dryer, tie a knot in the line at the mark. Open the clothes line and the line should be nice and tight. Don't over tighten the line as that can prevent the dryer from opening. 

Three arm clothes line rewire video


 All Breezecatcher clothes lines are supplied pre-wired

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