Clothesline Cord

Are you in the market for a clothesline that you can use to hang your clothes for many years? Then you should look into the material the clothesline cord is made of. Here at Breezecatcher, we offer a selection of clothesline cords in different sizes including 150 ft. and 200 ft. made of cord poly core, our cords are the perfect outdoor clothesline that can withstand the elements and daily use. 

Poly core is a durable material that is manufactured by wrapping staple cotton or polyester around a bundle of continuous fiber filaments. Due to its composition, poly core clothesline cords are unlikely to break or snap, even when you hang heavy fabrics. The best ones are even coated with plastic for extended durability. 

If you are looking to buy outdoor clothesline, consider a clothesline cord that is long enough for your daily laundry requirements. As a general guide, the average laundry load needs at least 35 feet of line. Are you concerned about how longer clotheslines tend to sag? Don’t worry—our outdoor clotheslines here at Breezecatcher are designed to keep their form, especially when installed with our specialty line of clothesline poles. Be sure to check our range of clothesline poles, which are meant to go with our clothesline cords. Consider buying the right pole to go with your preferred cord right here on our website. We recommend our umbrella clothesline, which is exclusively handmade using durable, non-ferrous materials. 

A typical wet wash load weighs around 15 to 18 pounds, and it will shed one-third of its weight as it dries. It may not seem heavy enough, but it can certainly cause the clothesline to deteriorate. Hence, we recommend leaving a bit of tail when you tie the cord, so you can undo it and readjust as necessary.