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Outdoor Clothesline - The Benefits Are Many


An outdoor clothesline truly offer consumers a great many benefits such as saving money, saving energy, increases the life expectancy of clothing, contributing to the overall fresh appearance of your clothes, and saving the environment as well. Nobody can dispute the fact that clotheslines serve to provide the most economical, Eco -friendly and energy saving methods for drying your clothes each day, every day. In a world so focused on saving energy and "saving the planet" outdoor clothesline very conveniently and appropriately fall into this important category.


When summer temperatures are uncomfortably hot both outdoors and indoors, powering up the gas or electric clothes dryer causing the indoor thermostat to rise even more is a scenario we would all like to avoid. In addition, using a clothes dryer anytime of year, not just in the summertime, can absolutely waste energy, while the use of clotheslines to naturally dry our clothes with a warm blowing breeze and the natural heat of the sun preserves energy. During the summer months, many homes and offices run their air conditioning consistently in their efforts to remain cool in the very uncomfortable temperatures. Running home clothes dryers as well during these time frames can put a drastic strain on the electricity grids and may even result in power outages when the grids are overloaded. However, utilizing clotheslines to dry your clothing puts no strain whatsoever on electricity grids since they consume nor use no resources other than the outside air, the wind, and the sun itself. Therefore, we can safely say that clotheslines directly contribute to saving energy and, yes, saving the environment and the planet as well. 

Indoor powered clothes dryers release levels of CO2 when drying loads of laundry, where a clothesline releases none. Statistics have shown us that the average household in the United States does approximately 350 to 400 loads of laundry every year . That's an awful lot of CO2 being dumped into the environment and atmospheres and ultimately contributing to the destruction of natural habitat plants and even the air around us. Clotheslines, on the other hand, function by utilizing that which nature provides, wind, air, and natural sunlight, and, therefore, produce absolutely zero levels of CO2 into the air. Certainly this is a positive indication of how much more efficient and naturally effective clotheslines can be. 

Additional food for thought is the mere fact that powered clothes dryers present fire hazards in the home and are accountable for more than 2,500 residential fires a year that result in excessive property losses and insurance claims, as well as dumping smoke into the atmosphere and damaging the air we breathe. However, clotheslines again offer no such hazards and indeed do not contribute in any way to property losses, insurance claims, or contaminated atmospheres. 


One of the finest qualities of an outdoor umbrella clothesline is the simple fact that consumers can save money year after year by using them, especially since they require no routine maintenance and incur no energy costs whatsoever. They are typically a one-time purchase, and not a very expensive purchase at that, and are cost free to use day after day, year after year. Clotheslines are economical, very efficient, and offer a remarkably natural and gentle way for drying clothes. As a result, they are looked upon and recognized as the most inexpensive source for drying clothes and a truly natural resource for saving energy, saving the environment, and definitely saving money. On the flip side of this coin is the fact that indoor powered clothes dryers are proven to be the most costly appliance that is operated and used in the average household. Additionally, their use results in much higher energy bills and increased carbon pollution to the atmosphere. Further, purchasing a powered clothes dryer can be quite expensive in comparison to the purchase price of any form of outdoor clothesline

Consumers can easily appreciate the capability of saving money through the purchase of an outdoor clotheslines vs. an indoor powered clothes dryer. Not only are the powered dryers expensive, but there are typically additional costs for installing them and guaranteeing your purchase, where the time and effort that goes into the setup of an outdoor clothesline is minimal and the cost near to none. 


Clotheslines offer consumers an easy way to save energy since they eliminate all the energy consuming costs incurred with indoor powered clothes dryers and offer a means of hanging clothes to dry outdoors in the natural air. Outdoor clotheslines, such as umbrella clotheslines, freely use both solar and wind energy which makes them remarkably cost effective and Eco-friendly. They utilize no electrical or gas energy at all and require no kilowatts to operate them, unlike powered clothes dryers. In this "going green" world we all live in that puts such an emphasis on saving energy and the environment, it is highly recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy and many environmentalists that all consumers utilize natural air drying of clothes whenever possible in place of costly, energy eating powered clothes dryers.


There are many benefits to using outdoor clotheslines including the simple fact that air-drying reduces wrinkles and allows clothes to dry in their natural shape. In addition, you never have to deal with the unsightly pilling that occurs with excessive use of powered dryers. Pilling certainly takes away from the appearance and life expectancy of clothes which is something you never have to concern yourself with when utilizing an outdoor clothesline of any type.

Another positive benefit of outdoor clotheslines is that natural sun rays can help to remove stains from white articles of clothing all the while destroying any bacteria or dust mites that can potentially be present. The heat from a powered clothes dryer, on the other hand, can actually set stains making it near to impossible to remove. Clotheslines of all styles, including the innovative umbrella clotheslines, also give clothing a crisp and refreshing feeling along with a warm, pleasant aroma of warm sunlight and refreshing summer breezes. Truly, there is nothing quite as comforting and refreshing in life than wearing freshly air-dried clothing or laying your head to sleep on sheets that were freshly dried in the warm spring or summer breeze. That refreshing smell and ever so gentle feel is delightful to say the least!! 


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