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The Breezecatcher rotary clothesline deluxe top spinner is a "superior product", "a work of art", "an excellent design", "a thing of beauty", "superb workmanship", "the sturdiest umbrella clothesline I've ever owned", "better than any drying rack I've used before".

Now we didn't say all those nice things, our customers did. I'd just like to say thanks to all who took the time to send feedback and reviews. Your feedback is very important to us as it helps us improve and deliver the standard of product you need.

What makes this umbrella clothesline so special? Well each one is hand made, not mass produced or machine assembled. We only use very durable materials, non ferrous to eliminate rust and bright anodized aluminum which is easy to keep clean. But most important of all are the strong aluminum brackets and slides which give the umbrella clothesline super durability.

Selling direct means we can spend more on the materials used to manufacture the product thereby delivering better quality and value to our customers.

Our folding rotary clothesline are  strong. You can hang heavy items on the Breezecatcher and the clothes lines will not sag. Other brands use plastic or even pressed steel brackets which provide no lateral strength. The Breezecatcher overcomes this by using solid extruded aluminum center brackets and strong bracing arms which makes the dryer rigid, but still easy to open and close. The central support mast is stronger than all other models available from local stores.The top frame will rotate easily in a light breeze no matter how unevenly the load is distributed, and the umbrella clothesline are  wired using a special loop back technique which virtually eliminated line sag.

The world wide web has made it possible for companies like Breezecatcher clothes line store to operate. Now no longer confined to local markets, we can offer the benefits of DIRECT sales to anybody with internet access. The reduced sales cost means we can offer maximum value and quality to our customers.

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When everything is on the line Breezecatcher won't let you down.

removeable foldable outdoor umbrella clothesline

Umbrella clothesline is a great energy savers

outdoor clothes dryers just work, they sit there in the sun and wind drying laundry. No complicated bits to fail, no break downs and no fire risks to worry about. It's a no brainier, a must have.

outdoor clothes dryer | outdoor clothes line

Umbrella clothesline dry fast

I can't get over how fast the laundry dries on these umbrella clothes lines. Within a few hours all my laundry is dry and I never run out of space on this massive dryer.

outdoor clothes dryers | outdoor clothesline | outdoor clothes line

Outdoor clothesline ban, not in by back yard baby.

This rotary clothesline is a great option if you are in an area that is sensitive to the use of rotary clothesline. Its very easy to close and remove or just cover with the green storage cover. This has been one of the best online purchases I've ever made.

Outdoor clothes dryer - Wind power without the turbine - Solar power without the panels

An outdoor umbrella clothes line is an ecologically friendly product for drying
your laundry. An umbrella washing line is free to use and can help you
control and reduce your home energy bill by reducing your dependence on
oil and gas. Save space and free up your laundry room by using an
outdoor drying rack. Why not take advantage of the free solar and wind
energy available in your back yard. Lead the way and feel better by
doing your bit to reduce carbon emissions and help prevent climate
change. Show you care for the environment and protect it for the next
generations to follow.

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