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Umbrella clothesline rewire guide


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How to restring or rewire a rotary umbrella clothesline,

Before you start a good tip is to roll the new umbrella clothesline cord off the coil and lay it out in the garden, don't take it off the side of the core as this can cause it to loop and tangle. Lay it out so it will be easy to pull through the dryer arms.The best way to rewire the rotary clothesline is to start in the middle of the dryer and work up. When the top few rows are rewired you do the lower rows.

Now you need to measure out the length of clothesline cord required to thread up the top three rows. An easy way to do that on a four arm Breezecatcher is to use the point where the brace arms connect to the long arms, on one side stretch the line across that distance 21 times and that will be enough line to thread up the top three rows. Tie a loose loop in the cord to mark the spot. If you have a three arm dryer stretch the line across that point 14 times to measure the length.

The image below shows a Breezecatcher TS4-140 umbrella clothesline which is wired with a loop back technique, this helps to keep the line from sagging when the dryer is loaded with heavy items. There is one arm that has two holes for each row, this is the arm we call the loop back arm.

Start at row three on the loop back arm and thread the line through the lower eyelet and through three arms so you have the line half way around row three. A good tip is to hold onto the end of the line after threading it through the arm as this will stop any tangles, now pull all the line through to the point where you tied the loop. Thread up the other half of row three through the upper eyelet and pull all the line through.

Row two starts by feeding the line through the lower eyelet at row two. This time the line is threaded in the opposite direction, this is the loop back. Restring half of row two pulling all the line through, now thread the other half of row two and pull all the line through, use the same procedure to thread up the top row.

When the top rows are complete measure out how much line you need for the lower rows of the umbrella clothesline, the TS4-140 clothesline umbrella needs about sixty feet of cord to do the lower six rows, that is about 16 times the distance across the point where the brace arms connect to the long arm. If you have bought the 150 foot coil from us then there is no need to measure out the rest of the line, if you bought a larger coil elsewhere then its a good idea to measure so you lust pull through what you need.

Thread up the lower rows using the same procedure, pull all the line through on each row, best way is to do half the row first pulling all the line through each time.

Tension the clothesline cord

Start at the highest point at the arm with the double hole, tie a knot in the line to keep it secure, then with the dryer fully open work along the line pulling the line tight as you go and feeding the slack line through all the way to the lowest point.

At the lowest point when the line is tight mark the point in the line where you need to tie the knot, now close the dryer so the line is slack and tie the knot, when you open the umbrella clothesline again the line should be tight.


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See the video here

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