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How to rewire a rotary umbrella clothesline

Best way to rewire an umbrella clothesline

Compared to some other outdoor rotary clotheslines the Breezecatcher clothesline cord can be very easily replaced. No complicated procedure and no special tools required, actually no tools required.

All Breezecatcher dryers are supplied fully assembled.

The best way to rewire a rotary umbrella clothesline is to start in the middle. Wire up the top three rows from the middle up then rewire the lower rows from the middle down. Measure out the length of line you need to do the top rows. You can use the frame of the dryer to do that. Get a rough idea by stretching the line across one side on the second row down, you will need that length times three. If you have a four sided dryer then you will need four times that length, If you have a three sided dryer then you will need three times that length.

It's easier to see it being done so we've put this YouTube video together for the Breezecatcher TS4-140

Rewiring the TS4-200 is a similar procedure but on this larger clothesline you should start on the fourth row down and measure twenty four (24) across the point where the brace arm connects to the long arm as the required length for the top four rows.


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