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3 Tips to choose the best clothesline

Clothesline available in stores are packed with features, and are products of superb workmanship. Sturdy and designed to last a lifetime, they are attractive, in various sizes and shapes. Here are a few tips to choose the best clothesline.

Choose the right clothesline

Consider choosing the right clothesline depending on the amount of space available in your backyard. A small clothesline could be 9ft or longer, and the larger one ranges from 15 ft. to almost 30 ft. The larger ones are better for quick drying of large wash loads. The number of members in the family will help you decide on the wash cycles, loads and the size of clothesline.

Fixed or removable clothesline

A fixed clothesline will occupy space on your backyard which cannot be used for any other purpose. This will be a permanent fixture, strong and sturdy. But it cannot be removed easily in case you need that space for extra activity like playing out door games. The removable clothesline has its own advantage. It can be easily removed and kept indoors. It will be easy to fix back when you do your laundering.

Consider where you want to put your clothes for drying. Directly under the sun or in the shade? Will the trees nearby obstruct the clothesline? Will it block the play area for kids? Is the clothesline nearer to your washing machine? If you have a large area and you do regular washing then it would be best to choose a large size rotary clothesline.

Look for additional features

There are various additional features that come with the clothesline. Some come in the form of an umbrella with a covering on top. This protects the clothes from getting wet in case of a sudden change in the weather and it starts to rain. Some have special hangers that make it easy to hang up the clothes for better drying. Consider what features will suit you best and choose accordingly. There are also eco-friendly clotheslines which would give you a feeling of responsibility in addition to full satisfaction in drying your clothes.