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Outdoor Clothesline - Solar Power Without Panels and Wind Power Without the Turbine

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As the whole world sets their sights on the environment and living "green" the popularity of the simple, old-fashioned outdoor clothesline continues to grow. Everyone is concerned about the use of solar power and wind power these days and the average person shares the same concern - why can't solar and wind power be more affordable to use? The answer to this question, however, is quite simple - they are. By hanging your clothes out to dry on a clothesline in your backyard, you are reaping the benefits of both solar and wind power. Outdoor clothes drying is by far the oldest means of using solar and wind energy known to man. So if you are like so many other people who want to be able to enjoy the many benefits that both solar and wind power afford, then purchase yourself an efficient clothesline or even purchase a simple outdoor drying rack and go ahead and embrace all the solar and wind energy you can possibly imagine.

Solar and Wind Powered Outdoor Clothesline

Both solar and wind energy is being used more and more these days around homes, including solar water heaters, landscape lights and yes, practical, easy to use clotheslines. Statistics will tell us that clotheslines are the most common means of using solar and wind energy and indeed have been around for years and years and years. Not only does drying your clothes outdoors allow you to use natural solar and wind energy and embrace their many benefits, but it also saves on energy. In addition, the solar power of direct sunlight can also kill bacteria and give your family's laundry an incredible freshness and natural smell. 

Benefits of Using a Clothesline - (Solar Power Without Panels and Wind Power Without the Turbine)

Electric clothes dryers, as most people know, are clean cut electricity hogs that utilize a great deal of electricity and are, in no way, practical for saving energy or good for the environment. While the true benefits of electric clothes dryer are minimal to none since they require coal fired power stations to generate their power, the benefits of "solar clothes dryers", clotheslines, are many. Truly the practical clothesline is a means of using solar power without panels and wind power without the turbine. The many benefits of using a clothesline include the following:

1. The initial outlay of a clothesline is much cheaper than a clothes dryer;

2. There are no ongoing energy costs that come into play with a clothesline;

3. There is no greenhouse gas emissions present from the use of clotheslines;

4. The solar power of the direct sunlight helps to kill bacteria;

5. The outdoor air presents with a very fresh smell for your clothes without having to use any chemicals, detergents, or fabric softeners. Ultimately the smell is beyond divine and remarkably pleasant;

6. The use of a clothesline reduces all those heavy wrinkles as well and for those who enjoy ironing makes that household chore that much easier;

7. Line drying your clothes will also alleviate static cling from all your articles of clothing. No more dresses or slacks sticking to your legs and causing those embarrassing moments;

8. Certainly the use of a clothesline is environmentally friendly as well as better for your pocketbook;

9. The use of free solar and wind power is quite obviously much cheaper than the cost of running an indoor dryer . This, in itself, is reason enough to use clotheslines since everyone is always looking for practical ways to conserve energy and save money;

10. Drying your clothes on an outdoor clothesline actually whitens your white clothes. The extreme power of direct sunlight will definitely brighten up all your colors and make all those whites much whiter. In addition, if you have any stains on your whites, the solar power will eventually get those stains out after a few sunny outdoor drying days and just think, you won't need to use bleach any longer; and

11. Last but not least, using a solar and wind powered clothesline will making all your clothes last longer since line drying is ever more gentle on your clothes and will contribute to a longer life expectancy of them.  


With so many benefits afforded by the practical and very old-fashioned clothesline, as well as the fact that they are lightweight, very inexpensive, very reliable and durable, last a long time, and are available in varied configurations and styles, is it any wonder that every household does not have a clothesline in their back yard today. In a world so driven by solar and wind power and environmentally safe resources, surely we can all recognize how the ever-popular clothesline fits so snugly into "the green" world we live in. If you are in search of a clean, fresh way to dry your clothes and protect the environment while saving both energy and money, then it's time you joined the millions of others who have invested in an affordable clothesline that offers superior services and benefits to every practical user. 

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