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Choose the Simplest Ways to Dry Clothes with Outdoor Umbrella Clothesline

Did you know that clothes dryers account for up to 15-20% of general domestic energy use in the US? This translates metric tons upon metric tons of harmful greenhouse gas that endangers the environment. This is why environmentally conscious households are turning to greener methods of accomplishing typical tasks like clothes drying, following the example of simpler times when people weren’t all too dependent on electronic appliances to do the most mundane of everyday tasks. Installing an outdoor umbrella clothesline is a good first step toward your green initiative. Letting your clothes air dry will not only help you save the environment, it will also help you reduce your household costs quite significantly.

Hanging your clothes out to dry on an outdoor umbrella clothesline is advantageous in a lot of ways. Apart from its environmental benefits, using a clothesline also allows you to take advantage of the positive effects of exposing your clothes to sunlight. UV rays are a natural disinfectant that helps destroy bacteria and breakdown stains. Hanging clothes also help you get your own dose of Vitamin D as you spend a few minutes outdoors.

An outdoor umbrella clothesline is also an excellent clothing organizer, making it easier to segregate clothes and minimize the space you need to allot for drying clothes. Many still find clothesline to be complete eyesores, but with an umbrella line, it is easier to keep your laundry organized and presentable, even as you dry them outdoors.

Another reason why many are switching to outdoor clotheslines and favoring them over electric dryers is that clotheslines are expensive to purchase and maintain, unlike machines that require regular upkeep and cost a lot upfront. Clothes also don’t come out worn and wrinkled when aired out, as opposed to being tumbled and rolled in a dryer.

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