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Clothesline Cord - An Essential Thing to Dry Clothes in an Open Air

The quality of a clothesline cord depends on the material it is made of. The best ones in the market are engineered to resist rust and water and can last for many years of heavy usage. 

A clothesline cord can technically be any piece of wire or line that you can install between two stable structures and hang wet clothes on. You can buy them as a part of an outdoor clothesline system or separately. Investing in the top-quality clotheslines is a great idea if you are serious about reducing the use of dryer. Simply install them in your backyard and use them to hang dry your clothes after washing them in your washer. Hang drying is a convenient and effective way to naturally dry clothes without spending on electricity.

The problem with most commercially available clothesline cords is that they are flimsy. Most of them are made with materials that deteriorate after just a few months. It’s therefore important to buy your clothesline direct from a manufacturer that specializes in robust, well-engineered outdoor clothes drying systems. The cord must be strong enough to hold the weight of your wet clothes without sagging.

Your clothesline cord should also be long enough for your requirements. The typical load of laundry needs 35 feet of line, on an average.

And then there’s the all-important matter of material. Choose a clothesline cord that is made of Poly core—a combination of fiber filaments wrapped with polyester or staple cotton. Some are even coated in plastic, which gives them extra durability.

Of course, a clothesline cord is only as good as the poles to which it is attached. It’s important to buy poles that are compatible with your cord—usually from the same manufacturer. The best ones are lightweight but made with durable aluminum and completely come with a ground sockets.


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