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Explore the applications of clothesline cord

One of the most important components of a clothesline, a clothesline cord can make the difference between trouble free line drying or an annoying session. Many individuals do not understand the need for making the right choice, ending up choosing substandard and spurious products that giving a bad experience to the individuals. Here are a few good reasons that you need to bear in mind before buying a clothesline cord so as to be able to use the clothesline to greater advantage.

Ability to carry weight of washloads

The clothesline cord you choose to string up between your outdoor clothesline poles need to be able to carry the weight of wet wash loads. One load of wet wash from your machine will weigh anywhere between 15 to 16 pounds. A poor quality clothesline cord will give way under the weight of washloads over time, especially if you happen to choose an extra long clothesline cord to accommodate two or more washloads.

Sagging under weight that bunches up the wet clothes

An inferior quality cord will inevitably sag under the weight of clothes, causing the clothes to slide and bunch up at a place. This makes for an untidy appearance, in addition to not meeting your requirements of drying. A good clothesline cord will remain taut when strung tightly between poles. This will make the clothes flap smoothly and gently in the wind to air dry thoroughly.

Poly core cords for greater durability

The best clothesline cords in the market are undoubtedly poly core cords. The plastic coated cords feature a twisted cord inside that lend the cord greater strength and prevent sagging. A taut line will help you to dry clothes better, without having to worry about the clothes dragging the borders into the soil. The cord does not corrode over time, thereby protecting your clothes from any possibility of damage.

Choose a clothesline cord that is easy to maintain. A plastic coated cord offers ease of maintenance. All that is required is a wet wiped before use to take away any grime or dirt that may have collected. The non stick nature of the cord makes it easy to stow when not in use and reuse without having to worry about dirt or dust.