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Facts You Should Know About Outdoor Clothesline Pole

Clothes dryers in U.S. homes emit huge amounts of greenhouse gas, CO2, directly or indirectly. They use a considerable amount of energy increasing your utility bills as well. Using an outdoor clothesline pole helps reduce the need for fossil fuel energy and save money in the long run. Hanging laundry on an outdoor clothesline pole is a cost-effective and environment-friendly method of doing the laundry.


It is very easy and inexpensive to install an outdoor clothesline pole in your backyard. You can choose to invest in an outdoor clothesline pole in your balcony or porch and get rid of the electric dryer thereby reducing the amount you pay as utility bills. 

Here are some facts you should know about outdoor clothesline pole: 

  • Environment-friendly: Using an outdoor clothesline pole helps every household reduce their energy consumption. It is an eco-friendly option to air dry clothes. Its saves your energy and helps you contribute towards building an environment-friendly planet. 
  • Saves money: Many households end up paying high electricity bills when using electric dryers to dry clothes. You can save a significant amount of money by shifting from the dryer to outdoor clothesline pole. 
  • Air drying: Air drying your clothes outdoors will dry them the natural way. The sun’s heat and the breeze act as natural antibacterial and deodorizing agents for your clothes. Besides, hanging your clothes on an outdoor clothesline pole will keep your clothes clean and fresh. Free sunlight is much more effective at whitening whites and removing stains than bleach and pricey stain removers. 
  • Minimum wear and tear: Air drying your clothes using an outdoor clothesline pole is gentle to the fiber of the clothes which makes them last longer. Air drying also does not let your clothes shrink. 
  • Safe to use: An electric dryer is a potential fire hazard whereas an outdoor clothesline pole is on the other hand safe to use. The process of setting up an outdoor clothesline pole is also simple and inexpensive.