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Fresher laundry from an outdoor clothesline

outdoor clothesline

A Cleaner Washing Machine Means Fresher Clothes

If your clothes are coming out of your washing machine smelling damp and musty, you might blame your detergent or even the washer itself. However, it's probably just that over time, problems build up in your machine that stop it being as effective as it might be. The following tips will help you put your washer in top working condition for wonderfully fresh and clean clothes every time.

Be Sparing with Detergent

You might think that using more detergent will always make for a cleaner launder, but the water passing through your machine can only handle so much powder or concentrate. Any excess that doesn't fully dissolve will start to form deposits in the pipes, nooks and crannies of your machine, leading to both bad smells and reduced washing performance.

Pre-soak Heavily Soiled Items

Even the best of domestic washing machines lack the cleaning power of industrial laundries. If you load very dirty clothes straight into the machine, some of the soiling can be left behind and clog up the workings. This forms a fertile breeding ground for bad-smelling bacteria which can contaminate your wash, so give extremely soiled items a thorough soak before washing to remove the worst and give your washer a fighting chance.

Leave the Door Open Between Washes

Your washer is built to be watertight - and this means it's airtight too. If you close the door after use, there's nowhere for moisture to evaporate to, and mold will soon set in. However, if you're going away on vacation and won't be using your machine for a while, prevent dust build-up by closing it once it has become fully dry after its last use, and then carry out the next tip before washing again.

Do a Monthly Maintenance Wash

Approximately once a month, run the machine on its hottest program, with no load of clothes, no detergent, and no conditioner. This will help rinse out any bacteria and other odor-inducing nastiness that are lurking within it.

Also Clean Manually

Less regularly, depending on how often you use the machine, it's a good idea to give it a full clean by hand. Using plain warm water, clean the detergent drawer, seals, and all the hidden corners you can reach. Use an old toothbrush to help you reach into all the tight spots. If your machine is particularly dirty or stained, a mild bleach solution can help, but make sure you run an empty cycle afterwards to ensure your next load of washing isn't damaged by bleach traces.

Empty the Machine Promptly

It might seem like a time saver to set the washing going before leaving for work, and then empty it when you return home. This is a mistake, as damp clothes left in the washing machine will soon start to smell musty. Even worse, the bacterial residues that cause this smell will remain after unloading, quickly growing into a moldy film that will contaminate the next wash as well. Aim to empty your machine as soon as possible after the cycle has completed.

Washing machines make laundry easy with their set and forget operation. However, putting in a little extra effort to keep your washer working well will pay dividends by giving you fresher, cleaner smelling clothes every time.

Outdoor clothesline

Now for the ultimate fresh smell and feeling just hang your laundry outside an a Breezecatcher outdoor clothesline.