Get the Best Quality Outdoor Clothesline Designed to Minimize Hanging Space

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Get the Best Quality Outdoor Clothesline Designed to Minimize Hanging Space

Looking for a way to minimize household costs and be more organized while doing laundry? An outdoor clothesline might just be the best solution for your cost-cutting and decluttering dilemma. The type of clothesline you need will largely depend on the amount of laundry you do at any given time. The best thing about buying an outdoor clothesline is that you get to save a great deal on energy costs by reserving dryer use for the colder months and taking advantage of clear days to air dry clothes. It also helps you keep your laundry organized in a neat array or even segregate similar types of items for easier closet organization down the line. When shopping for outdoor clotheslines, here are some things you should consider:

  • An average laundry load typically takes up about 35 feet of line. Make sure that the clothesline you will choose can accommodate as much, or at least the average amount of clothing you normally wash. 35 feet is also optimal for avoiding sagging as anything longer might cause your clothesline to be less stiff or require you a much larger area to reserve for hanging clothes. Remember that wet clothes a lot heavier, so make sure that you choose an outdoor clothesline that is strong and sturdy enough to accommodate a good amount of weight.
  • There are many different types of clotheslines that you will find in the market. T-lines are common, as well as rotary lines and umbrella lines. If you want to minimize the amount of space needed for hanging clothes, choose space saving models like umbrella and rotary lines, which also fold down, when not in use.
  • Outdoor clotheslines also make use of different types of line materials, including plastic, cotton, and multifilament polypropylene or nylon, each with their own pros and cons, especially when it comes to maintenance.

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