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How an Outdoor Clothesline Contributes In A Sustainable Lifestyle

There are so many ways in which the everyday activity of the collective human population is affecting the health and longevity of the earth’s environment. Take the simple activity of cleaning and drying laundry – commercial, industrial and residential clothes dryers use a whopping 15-20% of domestic energy in the U.S. And each of these artificial dryers release several metric tons of greenhouse gas-producing CO2. Imagine the sheer scale of energy savings if everyone in the country chose to hang their laundry out to dry in the sun on an outdoor clothesline! The simple choice to buy an outdoor clothesline can actually contribute towards building a sustainable lifestyle for you and your family. Who would have thought that?

Estimates suggest that about 5.8 percent of your total energy bill results from a direct or indirect contribution from your indoor clothes dryer. The machine itself uses electricity to run and its operation often causes the home interiors to get more damp, hot and humid which causes you to use your air conditioning more. But an outdoor clothesline uses freely available sunlight in your backyard to get your clothes to be crisp, fresh and dry – beat that in terms of cost and energy effectiveness.

Going outside to hang your laundry also gives you a reason to soak up on some sunlight yourself (Vitamin D is important for the body, you know…) and gives you a bit of exercise as well. It is a much better way to dry your washing since sunlight acts as a natural disinfectant on clothes and will remove strong odors from your clothes without any additional deodorization process needed. Your clothes will feel fresher and cleaner when you dry them out in the sun and you will feel good about doing so as you used a little less electricity and contributed towards preserving the environment.

And THAT is the definition of sustainable living, don’t you think? So go ahead and buy an outdoor clothesline from and go green in your everyday activities.