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How to Choose the Best Portable Clothesline for Outdoor Drying

Line drying has always been the best way to dry clothes fresh from the laundry. Letting the sun and the breeze dry wet clothes and linens makes them smell fresher, naturally. This method is also gentler on the clothes as compared to tumble drying. Many American families are switching back to line drying because of its many benefits. Some build their own portable clothesline for outdoor use. But if you are not the D.I.Y type, don’t worry—you can buy an outdoor clothesline that is perfect for your requirements. If you are currently in the market for a new portable clothesline for outdoor use, here are some things you should keep in mind:

Buy for longevity

Cheap clotheslines are exactly that—they are cheaply made and won’t last long. It’s always more practical to spend a little more and buy an outdoor clothesline that is built to last. Try an adjustable-height umbrella frame clothesline that is installed in-ground, with a ground socket. Not only does it offer more hanging space—it is also more stable because of its design.

Laundry load

The bigger your family, the more clothes you probably have to wash and dry. You therefore need to have enough line space to dry everything faster. Around 30 meters of line is suitable for a small family, but it might not be enough for a family of 5. For bigger families, 40 to 60 meters is preferable.


Choose a study portable clothesline for outdoor use that is made of lightweight yet durable materials like aluminum. Plastic portable clothesline might be waterproof and lightweight, but they are not strong enough to handle heavy and wet linens. Steel, on the other hand, is just too heavy to transfer to another location. Aluminum is the best material because it is weatherproof and durable.

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