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Outdoor Clothes Drying Rack – An Economical Alternative to Using an Electric Dryer

The advancement in technology will never fail to awe us with its new and never ending inventions. These inventions have undoubtedly made our life easier in this fast paced world, but you should also be aware of the ill effects that it brings home. An electric dryer is one such invention that can be easily replaced by the age old practice of outdoor laundry drying, especially when the weather outside favors it. So let us look into the benefits of using an outdoor clothes drying rack – an economical alternative to using an Electric dryer.

 A clothes drying rack, also known as a clothes horse, is a strong and stable frame upon which the washed clothes are hung for drying. It makes a better alternative for an electric dryer due to varied reasons as listed below.

  • The first and foremost reason is that the outdoor drying racks are good for your wallets as they are a cheaper option when compared to an electric dryer. According to a recent survey it is estimated that it costs 30 to 40 cents to dry a load of laundry in a residential electric dryer. When you compare the power consumption of an electric dryer and a clothes drying rack, obviously the drying rack gains the credits as it requires zero electricity. We just have to wait for the sun to do its job.
  • Second, a drying rack occupies only a small area and would be the best choice if you face space constraints. You can also avoid the harmful emissions from an electric dryer and act eco-friendly by opting for outdoor laundry drying. Choosing a rack made of non-ferrous and durable material is likely to last longer and will serve your purpose better.

 Thus outdoor clothes drying rack is the best alternative to an electric dryer and following the age old traditional methods is always good for you and the environment you live in.

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