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Outdoor Clothesline Pole: Make Your Garden Look Stylish

The ability to turn a functional requirement or prop into something that’s stylish is what fashion is all about. With a clothesline pole, it really is no exception.  The backyard can become a definition of style. It need not necessarily appear like a different world, that’s hidden from outside view.  Not every home would have the luxury of space. Some homes may be constrained for space, or some homes would have a lot of space, but vacant spaces may have been reserved for other purposes. The trick is to convert the area where the clothesline is installed, into a stylish area inviting footfalls.

Create your own shade to enjoy outdoors without getting sunburnt

There really is nothing like relaxing outdoors, with a book for company. Convert your drying rack into a cool spot outdoors with a little sheet flung on the clothesrack.  The sturdy pole and clothesline will support the material admirably. The adjustable nature of the pole makes it a wonderful shadow in the sun. 

Outdoor Clothesline Pole

Wood finish clothesline poles to match outdoors

Props or accessories installed outdoors need to blend with the surrounding greenery to lift the visual appeal. Choose a wood finish clothesline pole to go with your exteriors. Your open spaces, either the backyard or elsewhere, where the clothesline is intended to be installed should not appear abused.  Choose the right color of the clothesline pole to fit into the natural theme.

Matching benches around the clothesline pole

A neat little bench or benches around the clothesline will give it a nice parasol and bench look to compete with pergolas. The adjustable height makes it utilitarian and attractive. As the sun sinks into the evening horizon, it may become necessary to seek a lower shade. The adjustable height in the clothesline makes it easy to increase or decrease height in simple steps.

Clotheslines help dry clothes thoroughly without causing any sustained fabric damage. The natural bleach properties of sunlight help to give clothes a sparkle without exposing them to harsh chemicals. Clothes hung out to dry in an orderly manner are a deeply rewarding sight on lazy afternoons. The soft and gentle flapping clothes are a delight to watch. With a little improvisation depending on the layout of the garden, it is possible to transform the clothesline into a neat and stylish garden prop.