Umbrella Clothesline and Its Maintenance Tips

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Outdoor clotheslines don’t take much to maintain, but they do require some TLC if you want to keep where you air dry your freshly washed clothes free from gunk and dirt, which, upon contact, can compromise your already clean laundry. Umbrella clotheslines are incredibly useful pieces of invention that can air dry large batches of clothing in such a small space. What makes these handy tools even more practical to use is the fact that they can easily be collapsed and folded away to save space and keep the lines out of sight when not in use.


During winter, when it’s not ideal to leave clothes out to dry, packing away your umbrella line and protecting its arms from the elements should be a consideration. If you are going for long periods without air drying your clothes, close up your umbrella line, wrap the arms in plastic and store it in a safe and dry place to prevent damage. Keeping your umbrella line up during harsh weather could cause great damage to its mechanisms. Fortunately, most modern umbrella line models can easily be detached from the main pole so they can be stored and kept safe during wet seasons.


Regular cleaning is also vital to the health of your umbrella line. Not only does regular cleaning keep dirt and grime from damaging the lines and corroding metal arms, it also keeps your clothes from unsightly stains from unclean drying lines. Clothesline cleaning is as easy as taking a bucket of warm, soapy water and soaking your line in the concoction or running the same through a gentle cycle with your washing machine before stringing the lines back onto the umbrella to dry. Replacing the line with fresh clothesline cord from time to time is also one way to keep your umbrella line sturdy. Rotary lines may also require some lubing up for smoother rotation.  

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