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Collection: Outdoor Clothesline Poles

Looking for a durable and reliable clothesline? Here at Breezecatcher, you can find some of the most robust cords and clothesline poles in the market—certainly better than what you can find elsewhere. We believe that outdoor clothesline poles should not give you any trouble. In fact, after installation, you shouldn’t need to maintain them at all. That is why we offer heavy duty clotheslines and durable poles to go perfectly with them. Unlike commercially available and mass-produced clotheslines, our clothesline pole is handmade using only the finest materials that are rust-proof and easy to clean. 

One of our best-selling products at Breezecatcher is the limited-edition Wood-PLD-6X8-27 (Wood-PLD-624) outdoor clothesline. Unlike typical clotheslines, our product has an elegant wood grain finish on its lightweight and durable aluminum body. Our outdoor clothesline  poles  look great, so you never have to worry about them looking like eyesores in your backyard. We designed them in a way that will enable your clothes to capture the sun’s disinfecting properties and the freshening power of the summer breeze easily and efficiently so that they can dry with ease.  The arms are made of heavy gauge wood grain, and the braces have tube eyelets to keep the PVC clothesline in good condition. 

Our outdoor clothesline poles are designed exclusively for the products that we carry, with reliable ground sockets to match. We crafted clothesline ground sockets for every clothesline in our range. If you need a portable clothes line, then you have come to the right place, too. Our clotheslines are lightweight, so you can easily transfer them to any location as necessary. They can also be easily folded for storage. 

All clotheslines from Breezecatcher are covered by a 10-year mechanical parts warranty. If you are not sure which product to buy, do not hesitate to contact us for advice or refer to our size guide to compare our products.

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