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Breezecatcher clothesline TS4-36M - Breezecatcher Clothesline - 7
Breezecatcher washing line
Breezecatcher clothesline TS4-36M - Breezecatcher Clothesline - 11
Breezecatcher clothesline TS4-36M - Breezecatcher Clothesline - 2
Breezecatcher clothesline TS4-36M - Breezecatcher Clothesline - 8
Breezecatcher clothesline TS4-36M - Breezecatcher Clothesline - 9
Breezecatcher clothesline TS4-36M - Breezecatcher Clothesline - 12

Breezecatcher clothesline TS4-36M 9ft diameter 120ft capacity

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Outdoor umbrella clothesline deluxe top spinner 120 ft capacity

Model TS4-36M

  • Ground socket and cap included
  • 4 arm 120 ft rotary clothesline
  • Longest top line span 78 inches
  • Rotating diameter 9 ft span
  • Bright anodized tubular aluminum arms and braces will not tarnish
  • Super strength all aluminum construction with gold color cast aluminum brackets.
  • The lines will not sag
  • Will rotate easily in a light breeze even when fully loaded
  • Spring action self locking latch
  • Polyester core with a nylon braided outer 4mm diameter
  • Will fold and can be stored away when not in use
  • Center mast 34 mm (1 3/8")
  • Ten year warranty on metal frame
  • Product weight is 15 lb

The Breezecatcher clothesline TS4-36M is the perfect hassle-free umbrella clothesline for busy families. With expansive reinforced aluminum arms, this Breezecatcher outdoor clothesline sets up quickly and can hold an entire family's washing with ease, while still maintaining rotating mobility for quick drying. This deluxe model is an umbrella clotheslines that can be folded and stored away.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Eric B.
BreezeCatcher Review

I bought one of these about 13yrs. ago. It lasted well and decided to buy another. This one is somewhat same quality, however line is not as tight as first one purchased. Its still better than box store quality.

Kathleen C.

Great clothesline. Sturdy and line is heavy duty.

Ginger Comstock
I am totally satisfied

My Breezecatcher came and after a few days, my neighbor did the major work of installing it where the old one was (it had been taken down by a falling tree). He dug out the cemented in the post, enlarged the hole & installed the new one. He braced it upright until the cement dried. Today was the first day there was no rain, so I hung out sheets. It was so very nice to have the new one up and working. We had the old one since 2009 & I really missed it after the tree took it down.
It is the best clothesline you can buy. It doesn't take up a lot of room and it holds lots of laundry!

I am totally satisfied.

Charles McCadden
Breezecatcher Clothes Dryer just great

We have owned our Breezecatcher Clothes Dryer for about 10 years and it has been fantastic! I will have to replace the cord this year beause of weather elements but it still looks like new. Best product ever and I would highly recommend. Charles McCadden from Baltimore, MD.

High Quality Products do still exist!

I've owned and heavily used my breezecatcher for over 9 years and it's as good as the day I got it. We regularly fill all four quadrants with heavy clothes and it still spins easily in the wind. It's a beautiful sight to see. No need for the dryer and the clothes smell great too.
Customer service has been excellent too, I recently ordered another socket as we need to move the dryer location and the response was very quick.
It's really nice to own a product that is well thought out, works great, and will last me for decades. My mum has already been through about 3 similar cheaper clotheslines in the same time I've owned this one and I'm sure she'll go through a few more before this one even starts to look tired!

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