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clothesline TS4-140/200 ultra deluxe top spinner 11ft diameter 185 ft capacity
clothesline TS4-140/200 ultra deluxe top spinner 11ft diameter 185 ft capacity
clothesline TS4-140/200 ultra deluxe top spinner 11ft diameter 185 ft capacity
clothesline TS4-140/200 ultra deluxe top spinner 11ft diameter 185 ft capacity
clothesline TS4-140/200 ultra deluxe top spinner 11ft diameter 185 ft capacity
clothesline TS4-140/200 ultra deluxe top spinner 11ft diameter 185 ft capacity
clothesline TS4-140/200 ultra deluxe top spinner 11ft diameter 185 ft capacity
Breezecatcher clothesline TS4-200 - Breezecatcher Clothesline - 14
Breezecatcher clothesline TS4-200 - Breezecatcher Clothesline - 15

clothesline TS4-140/200 ultra deluxe top spinner 11ft diameter 185 ft capacity

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Model TS4-140/200. A new model that is a blend of the two most popular dryers with the best of both combined into one dryer.

Clothesline that will last for decades

  • Ground socket and cap supplied
  • Rotating diameter is 11 ft
  • Longest top line span 90 inches
  • Will hold King and Queen sheets easily
  • Supplied fully assembled.
  • 4 arm 185 ft rotary clothesline
  • Super strength all aluminum construction with gold color solid aluminum brackets.
  • Will rotate easily in a light breeze even when fully loaded
  • Spring action self locking latch
  • Steel wire core 4mm green clothesline cord
  • Will fold and can be stored away when not in use
  • Ten year warranty on metal frame

This outdoor clothes airier is perfect for drying your laundry with the power of sunshine and breeze! Say goodbye to those dryer bills - this strong dryer is energy free and your laundry will always smell fresh!

The Breezecatcher clothesline TS4-140/200 is an ultra strong all-weather, all-purpose umbrella clothesline that can stand up to the toughest weather and highest winds. With superior crafted anodized aluminum and strengthening cross-bracing, this Breezecatcher model will outlast the long, hot dog-days of summer and will not fade or tarnish in even the worst weather.

See our size guide, compare the line length on every dryer to the standard flat bed sheet, from twin to king size.

Flat sheet size to clothes line size

Measurements and installation

See how a top spinner clothesline is made

Videos and 3D models are available here.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Morag Cave
Longest lasting rotary dryer ever

My Breezecatcher has just had a makeover and is looking very swish with its new clothesline cord. No doubt it will now hopefully find a new lease of life and swirl for many a year to come.

Never before have I had such a long lasting rotary dryer and I am so very pleased to have discovered Breezecatcher all those years ago. It was certainly money well spent and you should feel so very proud of your products.

I sincerely hope that your target market appreciates just how long lived - and ultimately cost effective - your products are.

Debbie Rohman
Rotary Spinner Clothesline TS4-200 is very durable.

TS4-200 Rotary Spinner Clothesline is very durable. I bought the clothesline in 2019 and don't know what I would do without it. It will hold 5 loads of clothes and is great for sheets, comforters, and blankets. Hanging clothes on the line takes me back to watching my grandma hang clothes on her line and how great those days were to be with her.

Grace M.
Well Made, Quality Product

My husband ordered the TS4-200 ultra deluxe top spinner for me because the central plastic part of our Brabantia rotary clothesline broke after many years of use. We wanted a clothesline that didn't have plastic parts and this one fit the bill. There are plastic end-caps on the arms, which are not crucial parts, but everything else is metal (except the lines, of course). We installed the ground sleeve in our brick and cement patio, which had a hole drilled already for our previous clothesline. We just had to enlarge it a bit, and it works perfectly. I am about 5'1" and I have to tip-toe to reach the outer lines, but it's not much of a problem. The capacity is great and I can hang our 3 large loads of laundry for a family of 4. I fold up the clothesline, pull it out of the sleeve, and store it in a corner of our garage when not in use, and I love the cap that covers the ground sleeve which prevents leaves and other detritus from filling it up. The shipping was fairly quick and we were very wowed by the shiny metal when we opened the box. I feel that we will be using this clothesline for many years to come. Love it!

Penny M.
For those of us who settle for nothing but the best

Hi Tom,

I wanted you to know that we have received the clothesline, and are absolutely delighted to have it.

This is clearly the clothesline for those of us who settle for nothing but the best. I am very impressed with the design and material choices, as well as the mode of construction. The clothesline is everything it was represented to be on your website.

I was heavily influenced to purchase the Breezecatcher by the virtual reality videos. The videos are superbly created, delightfully narrated and well paceda job well done and much appreciated. As I mentioned, the product is exactly what these videos represent it to be.

Thank you for providing such an excellent product.



I contacted Tom yesterday and he responded by morning. I bought the TS4-200 in 2013. Along the coast we get really strong winds and this past winter it got a lot of rain even though I keep it closed and covered while not in use. It’s an exceptional clothesline and quality product! Not a bit of rust on it and it still shines when I clean it up like it’s brand new. The only issue is the caps, mine are a bit worn, and I hope I can purchase a few. After hanging clothes now for the past ten years I cant use the dryer! Clothes from the dryer are not soft and the textures are inferior. There is nothing in the world like getting into your bed after your sheets have been on a breezecatcher clothes line. I am a Californian living on the southern coast, and so the breezecatcher clothes line spins and spins and it’s very relaxing to watch, just like as soothing as chimes are, but silent! And it spins and spins. I’m 5 ft talk so I had to adjust it lower for me and it works beautifully!
Oh how I love my clothesline so so much! Thank you for exceptional customer service and for making such a wonderful clothesline. If only my mum and grandmothers were still alive, they’d have one in their yards, too! Thank you!

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