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Outdoor clothesline dry your laundry in the warmth of the sun and the comforting breeze

outdoor clothesline


There is truly nothing quite as refreshing as the clean linen smell of laundry that has been dried outdoors in the warmth of the sun and the cool comforting breeze. For many people, the Breezecatcher outdoor clothesline is by far the most favored of all clotheslines available on the market today. Though the number and style of clotheslines is abundant, and the features ever so varied, the overall design, features, functionality, and presence of the Breezecatcher has been "catching the hearts" of consumers across the globe. Offering a lightweight, typical umbrella style that is easy to use and affords the consumer an incredible amount of line space, the rotating Breezecatcher clothesline makes hanging laundry outdoors not only quick and easy, but almost enjoyable. With the ability to stand in one place as you rotate it by hand, users find the utmost satisfaction in the performance of this quite simple, yet innovative product. 

The Design of the Breezecatcher Outdoor Clothesline

While each Breezecatcher outdoor clothesline is hand made of remarkably durable and rust-free materials, the all-important aluminum components represent the most quality features of this incredible product. The overall construction, design, and functionality of this state of the art clothesline meets industry standards, and affords its users an effective and efficient means of drying their daily clothes, all the while saving the environment. 

The features are few but mighty, and the installation quick and easy. The center mast of the clothesline is mounted in the ground by way of a single ground socket, while the top portion of the clothesline spins with the breeze allowing clothes to dry evenly and much faster. The unique design of the Breezecatcher outdoor clothesline allows for an easy install as well as an easy breakdown in the winter months, and provides users with all the confidence needed that the product is both durable and reliable. 

The Benefits of Using a Breezecatcher Clothesline

As most of us are aware of, a good percentage of the electricity used in our homes is accredited to the use of clothes dryers. It goes without saying that using a clothesline, and specifically a Breezecatcher clothesline, will both reduce the amount of energy used, and save you money as well. Everybody nowadays is into "green living" and certainly, these state of the art clotheslines are beneficial to that very cause. Sustainability begins in each of our homes, and what better way to contribute to saving the environment, and reducing the amount of energy consumption, than in the investment of a practical, energy saving Breezecatcher outdoor clothesline. It is important to recognize that each of our Eco-friendly efforts we engage in are not only beneficial to the overall environment and contribute to the reduction of fossil fuels we use each day, but are also critically important to the health and safety of individual families and whole communities as well. 

Hanging your clothes on an outdoor clothesline also allows them to be dried without incident. Many times when we put our laundry into the electric or gas clothes dryer, we encounter varied problems with the appliances. If we have surpassed their typical life expectancy of 18 years, then indeed, the problems and incidents can be many. However, taking ample time, and applying simple efforts to hanging your laundry on an outdoor clotheslines is a sure fire way of knowing that your clothes will be dried in a timely fashion, and ultimately present with that incredibly fresh outdoors smell that we all love and cherish.


Proper Techniques for Hanging Clothes on Your Breezecatcher Clothesline

One of the most important elements of line drying clothes is to hang them properly. Proper hanging will definitely reduce the need for ironing, and will also preserve the colors and the shapes of your individual fabrics. Most "experts" will tell you that it is best to hang your clothes upside down, which reduces the amount of stretching that is caused to the fabrics. In addition, you want to be certain to hang any colored clothes inside out in order to preserve the color of the fabrics. If the sun beat directly down onto the colored fabrics, it will most definitely cause the colors to fade or bleach out. Of course, this same bleaching effect the sun has on whites is beneficial and welcomed by all those engaged in the artful task of hanging their clothes out to dry. 

Though there are a handful of slight problems that can arise when hanging your clothes on a Breezecatcher rotary clothesline, the problems are minimal to say the least. Clothes can many times end up with noticeable stiffness, and even more wrinkles than if they were dried in an indoor clothes dryer. The remedies to these minor issues are simple and quite easy to accomplish. For stiffness in your clothes, simply add a mere half cup of vinegar to the washing machine's rinse cycle, which will naturally soften your laundry, and thereby alleviate the stiffness in the clothing. As for excessive wrinkles, the simple first step of "snapping" the article of clothing, and giving it a quick hard shake before hanging it on the line will most assuredly eliminate the issue of excessive wrinkles. One other little important after thought is the mere fact that drying clothes in a hot dryer time and time again, will, over time, cause clothes to shrink, which is something no one really appreciates or welcomes. 


Hanging your clothes on a Breezecatcher outdoor clothesline can actually be enjoyable to say the least. It provides you with an opportunity to wind down, breathe in the crisp fresh air, and simply put aside the "laundry" list of endless other tasks you have to perform. There is definitely something quite rewarding and invigorating about the great outdoors. If we have tasks at hand that need to be performed, then why not find the most cost efficient and sensible way of performing those very tasks outdoors. Indeed laundry is one of the many tasks we all must undertake week in and week out, but how comforting it is to know that we can accomplish this very task, more times than not, right in our own back yard while enjoying the warm sun, the cool refreshing breeze, and the crisp fresh air around us. 

In decades past, as well as today, many a household is equipped with some form of a clothesline, and, according to statistics, the Breezecatcher outdoor clothesline is by far one of the most favored designs of all clotheslines on the market today. Is it any wonder? These truly magical "back yard" clotheslines serve to improve the health of our families, the safety of the environment, and the presence of the planet as a whole, all the while making our clothes feel soft and smell like that fresh outdoors we all love!



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