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Different types of clothesline cord and how to choose them

The material that goes into a clothesline actually determines the effectiveness of the clothesline. A sturdy clothesline pole fixed properly will ensure that the lines do not sway. Similarly, high quality outdoor clothesline cord strung taut between poles will ensure that the lines do not sag or rust. Many types of clothesline cords exist, and it is important to choose the best one. Outlined below are distinct features of one type of clothesline cord that offers better quality than other cords available.

clothesline cord

Poly core clothesline cords for extreme durability

Among all the different types of cords available in the market, poly core clothesline cords are by far the very best. Twisted to increase durability, the cord is coated to prevent bleeding of color or snagging of clothes on uneven surfaces. Extremely durable, the quality of poly core clothesline cords are unrivaled in the market, offering extended life, making it a good buy.

Easy maintenance, prevents build-up of dust, dirt and grime

Poly core clothesline are by far, the easiest to maintain. Maintenance is actually a highly decorated term when used in the context of poly-core clothesline cords. It involves a simple wiping of the surface with either a dry or a wet piece of cloth.  The coating on the cord ensures that very little dust, dirt or grime settles on the cord. This is a huge advantage compared with other twisted and non-coated cords, where the possibility of accumulation of dirt is higher.

Adequate length to support loads of wash

Despite efforts to balance work and life, it may sometimes become difficult to manage the laundry as a matter of routine. This may end up in a situation where homemakers have to take washing on weekends or whenever time permits. This results in more than a single load of wash at times. It is therefore important to choose a clothesline cord that is made of material that will support the entire weight of one or two loads of wet wash. Reputed manufacturers offer cords that are either 150 or 200 feet in length.

Strong enough to support weight of different types of clothes

Clothesline cords should ideally support weights upwards of 30 pounds.  For increased lengths of clothesline cords, the weight supporting ability needs to be proportionate. Branded and durable cords have the power to remain taut without sagging when burdened with increased weight. A sagging clothesline may sometimes result in clothes getting muddied, as they touch the ground under the burden of wet clothes.

Poly core cords remain unchanged with swings in weather

Weather conditions will never remain the same throughout the year. Consequently, cords may sometimes be exposed to harsh summers alternating with the cold of winters. This change in climate should ideally not have any effect on the cords. Poor quality cords will turn brittle when exposed to the heat of summer whereas poly core clothesline cords have high threshold limits to withstand the effects of intense and extreme weather. 

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